BC Health Association Legacy Award

What is the British Columbia Health Association Legacy Award?

The B.C. Health Association Legacy Award was endowed by the former British Columbia Health Association and is given annually. The College of Health Disciplines will accept nominations for the award, and a committee established for this purpose will decide the winner. The BC Health Association Legacy Award consists of $500.00.


Who is eligible for the award?

The British Columbia Health Association Legacy Award will be given to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to the development of:

  • health policy
  • health leadership
  • or health care governance province-wide.

A UBC faculty or a staff member, student, individual or group independent of UBC may be nominated. There are no restrictions placed on the winner as to the spending of the award.

Click here for a list of all previous award winners!


What is the deadline for submission of nominations?

The deadline for submission of nominations is TBA

Note1: late submissions will not be accepted

Note2: please do not attach brochures, reports, etc., as these will not be reviewed.


When will the award winner be announced?



How To Submit a Nomination
Please ensure that the name of project(s) and nominee(s) are clearly stated.