UBC Health Council


The mandate of the UBC Health Council (UBCHC) is to identify strategic directions for UBC Health and advise on initiatives and policies relevant and common to the health and human service programs at UBC.


Composition and Organization:

  1. The Associate-Provost Health will chair the Council.
  2. The Council will be supported by the Office of UBC Health.
  3. Meetings will be scheduled every six weeks, or at the discretion of the chair, from September through to June.
  4. Decisions will be made by consensus.
  5. Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.
  6. Membership will consist of :
  7. One senior leader representing each of the health and human service programs at UBC (Audiology and Speech Sciences, Counselling Psychology, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Dietetics, Genetic Counselling, Kinesiology, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Population and Public Health, Social Work).
  8. A representative from the Woodward Library;
  9. 2 patient/community representatives
  10. 2 student representatives.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. To identify key issues affecting health professional education and health research.
  2. To recommend strategic actions that would enable and strengthen a holistic approach to Health on both campuses in order to achieve integration across UBC and with other partners in BC.
  3. To review policies and procedures related UBC Health.
  4. To act as a communication link between health units, the broader health system and the UBC Health Executive on academic issues related to Health.
  5. To assist in the promotion and positioning of inter-professional learning and research activities related to the health and human service programs.
  6. To ensure that the patient’s voice and community engagement activities are effectively embedded in the integrated approach to health education.
  7. To enable relevant faculty development for classroom-based learning and practice education.



  • UBCHC will report to and be accountable to the UBC Health Executive.