Interprofessional Education Passport



The Interprofessional Education (IPE) Passport is an online tool that enables you to register for and keep track of your interprofessional learning. The Passport provides a comprehensive list of the IPE activities available to UBC. These activities will help you meet your interprofessional collaborative competencies and further your knowledge and understanding of interprofessional, patient-centred collaborative practice. The Passport can be used to demonstrate that you have completed the IPE requirements of your program.

Through the Passport, students are able to:

  • View upcoming events and important dates.
  • Sign up for interprofessional activities.
  • Earn points for their participation in IPE activities.
  • View and download any mandatory readings or forms.
  • View and complete evaluation forms or reflections.
  • Contact the College of Health Disciplines for support.


Passport handout

The Interprofessional Passport Guide