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Why IPE?

Why is Interprofessional Education Important?

In a health care environment faced with patient safety issues, human resource shortages, and populations with increasingly complex health care needs, health professionals must be able to work in collaborative practice models such as interprofessional teams in order to ensure consistent, continuous and reliable care. Interprofessional education develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes required by learners and practitioners to effectively work in the health care environment of today and tomorrow.

The University of British Columbia is recognized as a leader in interprofessional education as a result of twenty years of experience developing and delivering innovative programs in this area.  Advancements in interprofessional education at UBC mirror the international movement led by the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative and the World Health Organization to promote interprofessional education and collaboration for better health outcomes and sustainable health care.

To teach collaboration we must practice collaboration. To practice collaboration we must know how to collaborate.

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